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1992 nondream digital picture by Chris Wayan

Growing up in Silicon Valley during the boom years, surrounded by the greatest concentration of engineers (and other relentless rationalists) ever assembled on the planet... it was difficult for me, being a shaman and all. Engineers do like to impose these wireframe diagrams on life.

A crow flying through pines, with cartoonish diagrams superimposed--bird, tree. Words scrawled on the sky: 'Let's impose our lines on nature! After all, they work! Like lines on a woman in a bar...'
Not just at work--they'd try equally simplified lines on women in bars, to see if they flew or not.

If they fell like the Tacoma Narrows Bridge, well... just try a stronger line.

And it amazed me how often otherwise perceptive women did what Nature often does--just rolled right over.

This scientific method's so dangerously robust!

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