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An embarrassing nondream story drawn 1982/5/21, by Wayan.

This experience upset me so much I went home and drew this in ink, then shoved it in a folder for 25 years. I guess I've calmed down now. So here's what happened.

Thirty-panel comic: I got lice, probably from a spare mattress given to me. Got rid of them. Months later, my boss finds out then tells everyone behind my back that I 'have' lice. My whole workplace shuns me. So who's the real louse?


Maybe I blamed my housemates unfairly. Universities like Stanford where I worked are a great place to catch lice: coats, hats, and rainhoods crammed together on racks and hooks spread lice beautifully. The people shunning me as lousy may have been the source!

If you get lice, use the traditional methods

--Chris Wayan

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