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A true if embarrassing story from late May 1982 by Wayan.

This experience upset me so much I went home and drew this in ink, then shoved it in a folder for 25 years. I guess I've calmed down now. So here's what happened.

Thirty-panel comic: I got lice, probably from a spare mattress given to me. Got rid of them. Months later, my boss finds out then tells everyone behind my back that I 'have' lice. My whole workplace shuns me. So who's the real louse?


Maybe I blamed my housemates unfairly. Universities like Stanford where I worked are a great place to catch lice: coats, hats, and rainhoods crammed together on racks and hooks spread lice beautifully. The people shunning me as lousy may have been the source!

If you get lice, use the traditional methods

Don't bother cutting your hair unless you shave your head bald--lice stay close to the scalp.

Also: Putting pesticide on your scalp is a bad, bad, BAD idea. Besides, it isn't even effective; the eggs aren't too vulnerable to it. But you are! If you MUST, use a copper-based formula; less toxic than organic-based pesticides, though it stings.

But it stings less than having your whole workplace gossip about what an unclean slob you are...

--Chris Wayan

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