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Love of my Lives

Dreamed 2014/5/25 by James Lyon

What is unique about this dream is the timescape; it covered the lifetime. Not based on life events, but on feelings and the truly important parts of life.

I was a young man and fell in love. Happy go lucky, the love was a great feeling. But I got ill and was not with my lover. The next moment I was reborn into the next life.

I was a young man and fell in love. She was the same girl, the girl I love. Our life together was so happy and the love so deep. We lived together to a mature age. I got cancer, and got sick. I came to her and said "I will make it through tonight, but I can't make promises from here." And cried so deep in her arms.

I was being carried up a hill and my love ran up behind me and cried out "Please, can we still be together."

I woke up from my dream, lying next to her in this life. The love is still so deep. I told my love and burst into tears.


As I type out this dream now, it brings me back to the deep emotion of the moments in the dream, the love and sorrow. It was moving and reassuring. I don't need to analyze the dream; it's self-explanatory.

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