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528 x 688, digital collage of dream characters, 1995, by Chris Wayan.

A buried monster rears its neck and moans, but its tongue is... a rose. Flower-fairies hover. And in the deep strata, earth-sprites confer. Click to enlarge.

I spent 1995 in hypnotherapy, unearthing old pain, pain, pain. Nightmares and illness. This painting's my archeological record of that year.

There's power in those creatures of the deep strata. The words say:

Under the
Lurks my...
Buried I.
Only it stopped lurking. The buried monster rears its neck aboveground and moans--but its tongue is a rose unfolding.

But all that year I also had ethereal, otherworldly dreams--magical mystery tours. That's why I stuck in all those sexy flower-fairies (I'm not sure how many there are here, but a lot!--rather camouflaged by the loud color). Americans, with their Puritan legacy of obsession with evil, are too busy mocking New Agers to see that delicate living flowers are just as real as buried bones. They nourish each other.

Darkest Root and Silver Flower,
Each doth have Essential Power.
And not everything that happens down in the dark is creepy, either.

Look closely. Someone's practicing piano, and two women are trying to make fire without matches, and another is meditating... in fact, those dark strata may really represent hard work. Practice. Paying your dues.

The groundwork that flowers later.

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