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by Chris Wayan, 2006

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Egrina R., 28 S, 6-9 E
The Egrina, 1200 km long (750 mi), drains most of northeastern Starkad, in the Flandry group. Drains it badly! The Egrina Basin's a flat, swampy subtropical rainforest like the even bigger Pechaniki to the south. (Source: Ensign Flandry)
Mt. Ehin, 44 S, 226 E
Highest peak on Hroai, in the Ak'hai'i group south of Diomedes. Mt Ehin, 2600 m (8500') high, is the plug of a badly eroded volcano, now just a maze of steep green ridges and canyons covering northern Hroai, looking like the wet side of a Hawaiian island. (Source: Strangers)
Elan, 6 S, 69 E
One of the equatorial Kraoka Islands (Polesotechnic Strip), Elan is nearly the size of Hawaii's Big Island. Wide reefs and its rugged, eroded ridges suggest it's the remnant of an old, much larger shield volcano, a twin of huge Trrl to the south. (Source: A Sun Invisible)
Elassi, 49 S, 103-105 E
Largest of the Dahia Islands, far south of Larsum. Elassi is 370 km long and 200 wide (230 by 130 mi); a dozen lesser isles surround it. Grassy hills, with trees only in sheltered valleys; the Dahias are in a drybelt. (Source: Season of Forgiveness)
Eloise, 15 S, 178 E
A tropical island in the Kyrie Archipelago southwest of Kilnu in the Diomedes Cluster. Eloise is a roundish volcanic island 90 km (55 mi) across. The climate's drier than Hawaii, almost Mediterranean. The rainy east side is dotted with lebbird orchards; the western savannas are cheetaur country. Its nearest neighbors are Kyrie proper to the north (the largest in the chain) and Waggoner to the south. (Source: The Martyr)
Mt Elsinor, 49 N, 100 E
A volcano 3100 m high (10,300'); the highest on Grib, a northern satellite of Troisleons. A shield volcano with extensive "pine" uplands, snowy in winter. (Source: Three Hearts and Three Lions)
Eltokh Sound, Eltokh Head, 56 S, 218-219 E
The strait between Prasiyo and Ya-Kela, in the Ak'hai'i Cluster (south of Diomedes). A rounded, sheltered sound, Eltokh averages 240 km wide (150 mi). The sound's north end narrows to a strait 80 km (50 mi) wide, between Cape Azkashi and Eltokh Head. (Source: World Without Stars)
Mt Emil and Emil River, 11 S, 258 E
Highest peak in central Tau in the Gaiila Cluster; a volcano 3100 m (10,300') high, it's the source of the Emil River, longest on Tau, flowing 600 km (375 mi) southwest. The woods of its upper valley thin downstream to savanna near the coast. (Source: Esau)
Cape Engdahl, 47 N, 238 E
The eastern tip of Carheddin, in the Roland Group. It's hard to say where the mainland ends and the cape begins--Carheddin is spindle-shaped. If we declare the cape to start at the first neck under 160 km (100 mi) across, Cape Engdahl would be about 600 km (375 mi) long. Broadleaf forests cover the cape ecxept for cliffs and headlands. The climate's snowless in winter (mild for Roland).(Source: The Queen of Air and Darkness)
Enherrian, 50 N, 349 E
One of the northern Brendan Isles northwest of Corona in the Ythri Cluster. Enherrian's a wedge of tall-grass hills, 320 km long (200 mi). (Source: The Problem of Pain)
Lake Enklan, Enklan Hills, 9 N, 201 E
A lake 380 km (240 mi) across, the largest in Dawrnach (in northern Diomedes). The shores are swampy, almost an Everglades. Most of the water comes from the Enklan Hills to the west. The short Enklan River issues from the lake into (what else?) Enklan Bay, a firth 350 km long. (Source: The Man Who Counts)
Ensum Hills, 17 S, 89 E
A range 1500-2500 m high (5-8000') along the northeast coast of Larsum, in the Polesotechnic Strip. These hills clad in subtropical hardwoods are a lower extension of the Sun's Way Range; they parallel the Trammina River just to the south. (Source: Three-Cornered Wheel)
Cape Enver, Enver R., 56 S, 227 E
Eastern tip of Prasiyo, in the Ak'hai'i Cluster (south of Diomedes). The Enver River rises in the peninsula's hills, flowing 350 km west to join the Urduga and pour into Shkil Bay. (Source: World Without Stars)
EQUATORIA, 3 N-4 S, 257-263 E
A tropical terra 2000 km long and 1000 wide (1300 by 625 mi)--nearly a continent--in the central Gaiila Cluster. Most of it is a gentle upland, the Scorpeluna Plateau. The lowlands and outer slopes are hot rainforest; the plateau's fertile but cooler and more open. (Source: People of the Wind)
Eralia, 13 N, 126 E
One of the Hisagazi Islands (NE end of the Polesotechnic Strip). Eralia is a low, round volcanic island 130 km (80 mi) across, mostly patchy, open tropical forest, with savanna on the west coast--it's on the edge of a drybelt. (Source: The Longest Voyage)
ERKILA, 21-25 N, 110-113 E
A shield volcano over 800 km (500 mi) wide, like a Hawaii the size of Madagascar, with a dryish subtropical climate. Erkila is at the north end of the Hisagazi Islands (SE of Troisleons). Mt Ulas, the central peak, reaches 3600 m (12,000'); the Odela, Nira and Val Rivers radiate out from its snow-streaked lava crags, down through ferny meadows, then cloud forest, then open woods near the coast. The southwest side from Nikum Bay to Cape Froad, in the peak's rainshadow, has rugged desert canyons. Froad River and the northwest coast are grassland. (Source: The Longest Voyage)
Erziran and Erziran Bay, 22 S, 132 E
Erziran is a triangular island 300 km long (190 mi), off southwestern Ulash, in the Polesotechnic Strip. Erziran's rugged: two peaks top 3000 m (10,000'). It helps shelter Erziran Bay, a gulf 600 km (400 mi) wide, between Cape Bokzahan and the Tulitur Peninsula. The region's rather Mediterranean--rocky shores, groves and fields in the lowlands, forested heights, a mild climate with weak winds and light rains. (Source: The Master Key)
Evalyth Highlands, 11 N, 29-31 E
The mild, fertile uplands of central Lokon (southern Ythri), around Lake Zelo. Highest peak: Mt Burus, 4100 m (13,500'). Earth's nearest equivalent: Ethiopia's highlands? (Source: The Sharing of Flesh)
Eyath, 26 N, 308 E
A southern Oronesian island 450 mi / 700 km across. Its summit, volcanic Mt Eyath, is 4500 m (14,800') high--but from its deep-sea feet, it's 11,000 m/36,000' tall! Eyath is between the low-pressure stormbelt drenching northern Oronesia and the high-pressure belt drying Arinnian and Hrill to the south. Its climates are thus extremely varied: the rainshadowed west coast is quite Californian, with open groves and meadows, and "pine" forests higher up, while the east side is Hawaiian-lush; by climbing or circling the great mountain you can find almost any climate, from hot to cold and wet to dry. As a result, every intelligent species on Lyr has settled Eyath; that diversity's made little Eyath a world center of cultural innovation, surpassing even its big sisters Arinnian and Hrill (pleasant, but lacking the wettest niches), and Li to the northwest, lush but uniformly wet. (Source: People of the Wind)
EYJAN, 69-72 S, 236-248 E
Second biggest of the antarctic Averorn Islands, Eyjan is 1200 km long (750 mi), as big as Baffin Island--but it looks more like the bizarre, mossy, cold rainforests ("sleetforests"?) of Patagonian Chile or the Queen Charlotte Islands off BC. Glaciers cap the low mountains, but the blizzards give way to endless cold rain and sleet storms in the lowlands, creating bogs and woods on the lower hillslopes (to the polar shore at 73 degrees south!)--low, slow-growing, twisted, moss-bearded, dense, a lurid green, looking profoundly alien. They survive because the Averorn Islands are in a polar wet zone, a belt nonexistent on Earth (see CLIMATE BELTS). (Source: The Merman's Children)
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