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by Chris Wayan, 2006

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The Faerie Hills, 43-47 N, 88-92 E
A low range (highest peaks: 2000 m/6600') at the northern tip of Troisleons. The Hills are a chaotic knot; streams run every direction, though most eventually collect in central Lake Meriven. This odd structure may be a corona, a geological feature rare on Earth but common on Venus. (Source: Three Hearts and Three Lions)
Fairweather Peninsula, 0 N, 279-283 E
The northwest tip of Gaiila. An arm 1600 km (2500 mi) long ending in a hand hundreds of km long, cupping equatorial Clodia Bay. Fairweather isn't. Oh, it's warm, even hot, but it rains daily, and heavily. The whole peninsula is lush rainforest. (Source: A Midsummer Tempest)
Fairwind Group, 0-9 N, 315-330 E
The Fairwind Islands lie at the north end of the Quenna Archipelago, a broad, complex rise (future continent?) that links the Gaiila Cluster to Oronesia. To the north rises the huge island of Hrill; to the south and west, the Nightflier Group and the low Hriccal Is. Fairwind proper is a shield volcano some 290 km across (180 mi), with a central caldera rising to 2500 m high (8200'). Ten more isles are Hawaiian in scale, and a halo of lesser isles sprawls across 2-3000 km of shallow sea. The northern Fairwinds are the driest of the Quennas; larger isles are wooded (except on the west side), but smaller, lower islets can't snag the relatively sparse rainclouds of this drybelt. (Source: People of the Wind)
Falkayn Sound, 35-45 N, 5 E
A deep sound 3-4000 km long (2-3000 mi) between the Brendan Isles and Corona in the Ythri Cluster. Falkayn Trench, just off the Corona coast, is 16 km deep; and onshore the Gray Range rises to 4 km in spots. (Source: People of the Wind)
Mt Falkayn 37 N, 12 E
Highest peak in the southern Gray Range, on the west coast of Corona, in Ythri. Falkayn's twin ridges rise to 4200 m (13,900'). Just to the south, the alpine Grays drop to the much more modest Blawsa Hills. (Source: People of the Wind)
Mt Fang, 62 N, 36 E
Highest peak on Fenris, largest and northernmost of the Shielding Islands in the Ythri Cluster northeast of Corona. Fang is 3400 m tall (11,300'), and glaciated down to 2000 m. (Source: uncertain)
Mt Farview, 31 N, 10 E
The highest peak on Corona, in Ythri, and one of the highest in the world. Mt Farview reaches 4800 m (15,800')--the height of Mont Blanc, though being subtropical it's less heavily glaciated. Farview's in the central Andromeda Range on Corona's south coast, and is the source of the Farview River, longest in the world at 3100 km (2000 mi). (Source: People of the Wind)
Farview River, 31-36 N, 8-13 E
The longest river in the world, the Farview drains the north slope of the Andromeda Range in Corona (Ythri Cluster), winding northeast 3100 km (2000 mi) to Liaw Bay on the Avalon Sea. (Source: People of the Wind)
FENRIS, 57-64 N, 36 E
Largest of the Shielding Islands, northeast of Corona in the Ythri Cluster. Fenris is 1300 km long (800+ mi), a cool dry steppe. The only trees huddle in river valleys and in the mountains; the wide plains are prairie, with alpine tundra around the glaciers atop Mt Fang in the north. (Source: The Broken Sword)
Mt Fereghur, 21 S, 134 E
A volcano 3800 m high (12,400') in Ulash, in the Polesotechnic Strip. To the north lies Lake Ulash; to the west, the dry shores of Erziran Bay; east, greener Shivaru Bay; and south, the fertile Tulitur Peninsula. (Source: The Master Key)
Mt. Ferek, 31 S, 3 E
Highest peak (4400 m, 14,400') in southern Starkad, in the Flandry group. Ferek's part of the Janjevar Range running down the west coast. It has a few small glaciers on the south, and a much bigger seasonal snowcap. Below a ring of alpine meadows, redwoodlike cloud forest covers its shoulders--the region is extremely rainy. Ferek has a twin, Siravo, on the horizon 300 km east. (Source: Ensign Flandry)
The Ferranians, 25 N, 30 E
Two of the Fiery Isles south of Corona. North Ferranian's a narrow, mountainous land 700 km (450 mi) long; South Ferranian, a wedge 600 km across, equally rugged. Both are warm and dry, rather Meditarranean, with "oak" groves and lowland meadows and dry "pine" uplands. The west coasts are quite dry--treeless golden veldt. (Source: Earth Book of Stormgate)
Ferune, 43 N, 358 E
Largest of the Brendan Isles west of Corona in the Ythri Cluster. Ferune's 1500 km long (950 mi), larger than Britain, with a similar cool wet climate. Temperate rainforest covers the low hills. (Source: People of the Wind)
Cape Fiell, 16 N, 2 E
A mountainous tongue of Mediterranean fields and groves sticking north 700 km (450 mi) from Lokon, in the Fiery Islands. The cape's spine, the Fiell Range, is open evergreen forest and alpine meadows. Peaks reach 3000 m (10,000'), sporting snow in orbital winter. (Source: The Sharing of Flesh)
FIERY ISLANDS, 8-33 N, 20-30 E
A chain of large islands running 6500 km (4100 mi) south of Corona, in Ythri. The Fierys are a major flyway: from Lokon, the largest, it's possible to islet-hop to the contincnts of the Polesotechnic Strip. (Source: People of the Wind)
SEA OF FIRE, 8-30 N, 0-30 E
An equatorial sea larger than the Pacific, between Corona and the Flandry Cluster 10,000 km to the south. Though tropical, the region's not as scorching as the name suggests; Lyr's poles are warmer than Earth's but its equator is cooler. The north is deep and islandless, but the south has a vast reef complex, Dathyna. The narrower east end near the Kraoka Archipelago is called the Kraoka Sea. (Source: People of the Wind)
First I., 40 N, 340 E
One of the Hesperian Isles, off Corona in western Ythri. Just east of Hesperia proper, First is a shield volcano 250 km (140 mi) wide, essentially a mesa 2000 meters high, with steep rainforested lower slopes and a plateau of cloud-forest above. Mt First reaches 3100 m (10,300'). (Source: People of the Wind)
Flame, 18 S, 179 E
The easternmost of the Kyrie Archipelago, 750 km west of the Ro Islands off southern Kilnu in the Diomedes Cluster. Flame, a steep, triangular, volcanic island about 100 km long (60 mi) rises midway down the chain, an easy two-day flight to both Kyrie proper and to the southern Cibarra cluster, nearly as large. It's the archipelago's easiest link to the mainland. Flame is named for a flowering tree that daubs the island patchy red and gold each orbital spring, and again in fall with lurid scarlet berries. (Source: Kyrie)
FLANDRY CLUSTER, 23-57 S, 290-35 E
An isolated southern continent-cluster, the largest on Lyr in terms of area, but lacking a central continent like Diomedes, Ythri, or Troisleons. The group's nearly as big as South America, 17.2 million sq km (6.7M sq mi). The largest land, Starkad, is a third of that total. The other large lands are Merseia, Besar, Altai, and the Nyanza Islands far to the west. The land ranges from warm (Starkad) to mild (Merseia and Besar) to temperate (Nyanza) to cold (Altai), but none is tropical. (Source: Ensign Flandry et seq.)
FLANDRY OCEAN, 30-55S, 345-35 E
A southern temperate ocean between the continents of the Flandry Cluster: Starkad on the north, Merseia on the east, Altai on the south, and Besar and the Besar Trench to the west. This central sea is deep, islandless, and nearly as big as the Pacific--some 125M sq km (50 million sq mi). Beyond Besar to the west is a second sea around the Nyanza Archipelago; this even wider (though shallower) Nyanza Sea is often considered part of the greater Flandry Ocean. They're larger than Atlantic and Pacific combined.
.(Source: Ensign Flandry et seq.)
Flichtan Is., 5-10 N, 211 E
The northern Driss Islands, east of Lannach (Diomedes region). None of the Flichtans is over 80 km long (50 mi); they're covered with tropical forest. The Flichtans rise sharply from deep water; were the range on land, it'd be spectacular, with scarps up to 2 km (6600') high. (Source: The Man Who Counts)
Fluoch, 32 N, 22 E
northernmost of the Fiery Isles off Corona; a stretch of low hills 800 km (500 mi) across. Fluoch (ch as in Scottish loch) is open subtropical forest, vaguely Mediterranean. (Source: Earth Book of Stormgate)
Freya, 47 N, 31 E
One of the Aesir Islands, part of the Shielding Archipelago northeast of Corona in the Ythri Region. Freya's 240 km across (150 mi), low and grassy, with trees mostly in the river valleys, but still warmer, wetter and greener than the larger Shieldings to the north. (Source: The Broken Sword)
Cape Froad, Froad River, 23 N, 110 E
Cape Froad is the western tip of Erkila, in the Hisagazi Archipelago (NE end of the Polesotechnic Strip). It's in the rainshadow of Mt Ulas, so only dry grass softens its cliffs. To the south desert canyons march into the sea. Inland, the Froad River descends from alpine meadows through a wide veldt which stretches north 500 km, nearly to Cape Odela. This dry grass sea sustains large, wingless grazers and carnivores, rare on Lyr. (Source: The Longest Voyage)
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