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by Chris Wayan, 2006

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Lake Vahino, Mt Vahino, 2-3 S, 285 E
Second largest of the Skontar Lakes in the northern Valeria Range of Gaiila. Vahino is an oval 150 km (90 mi ) long. Just past Mt Vahino to the south (2500 m/8000') lies Lake Valta, similar but slightly larger. (Source: The Helping Hand)
Val River, 23 N, 111-113 E
Largest river on Erkila, by both length (500 km/320 mi) and flow. The Val arises high on Mt Ulas and flows east, dropping into lush broadleaf forests rare on dry Erkila. (Source: The Longest Voyage)
Mt Valakesh, 39 S, 185 E
Highest peak on Sinarru in the Rorvan Islands. Valakesh is a spectacular, flawless cone like Fuji, 3300 m (11,000') tall, forming its own peninsula that nearly blocks Sinarru Sound, linking the two great islands. Across the sound is a twin, Mt Volanzu. (Source: Question and Answer)
Valeria Mts, 4-14 S, 287 E
A range over 2000 km long (1300 mi) in central Gaiila; an extensive highland covered with cloud forest in the north, open "pine" woods in the south. Peaks like Mt Rupert and Mt Kromand nearly reach 4000 m (13,000'). (Source: A Midsummer Tempest)
VALLAND, 58-60 S, 231-239 E
A lonely, cool-temperate land in the Ak'hai'i Cluster (south of Diomedes), 1000 km east of its two sisters, Ya-Kela and Prasiyo. Valland looks like a bone 1300 km long (800 mi), a bit like New Zealand's south island (though over twice as large), mostly steppes, though trees do grow in the mountains, on the south coast, and the Yo Rork Peninsula. (Source: World Without Stars)
Lake Valta, Mt Valta, 4 S, 285 E
Lake Valta is the largest and lowest of the upland Skontar Lakes in the northern Valeria Range in Gaiila. Oval and 160 km long by 100 wide (100 by 60 mi), Valta is only 1200 m (4000') up. Mt Valta, a steep stratovolcano to the west, rises to 3300 m (10,800'). Subtropical cloud forest surrounds the lake; the uplands beyond are open pine forest and subalpine meadows. (Source: The Helping Hand)
Mt Valthak, Lake Valthak, 3 S, 285 E
Lake Valthak is one of the upland Skontar Lakes in the northern Valeria Range in Gaiila. Valthak is oval and 75 km long (45 mi), surrounded by open pine forest and subalpine meadows. To the east rises Mt Valthak, a steep stratovolcano 3100 m (10,200') high. (Source: The Helping Hand)
Vanimen, 70 S, 253-260 E
One of the larger antarctic Averorn Islands, Vanimen is 900 km long (560 mi), the size of New Zealand's South Island. It looks more like the bizarre, mossy, cold rainforests ("sleetforests"?) of Patagonian Chile or the Queen Charlotte Islands off BC. Glaciers cap the low mountains, but the blizzards give way to endless cold rain and sleet storms in the lowlands, creating bogs and woods on the lower hillslopes (to the polar shore at 72 degrees south!)--low, slow-growing, twisted, moss-bearded, dense, a lurid green, looking profoundly alien. They survive because the Averorn Islands are in a polar wet zone, a belt nonexistent on Earth (see CLIMATE BELTS). (Source: The Merman's Children)
Varyak Is., 53-54 S, 24-27 E
A triangular group of islands off the northeast tip of Altai, in the southern Flandry Cluster. The largest two are 100 and 120 km long (60-75 mi). They point roughly toward Merseia, 3200 km away (2000 mi), but they dwindle to reefs only a few hundred km out--not much help as a flyway. The difficult migration has forced Altaian fauna to choose evolutionary paths: either adapting to the cold by growing large and sacrificing useless wings; or, becoming heroic migratory athletes, strong-winged and light--sacrificing dead weight. Dead weight like brains. (Source: A Message in Secret)
Vedolo Is., 7-15 S, 80-90 E
Dozens of coral atolls scattered over 2000 km of shallow sea north of Larsum--on a drier world, it'd double the size of the continent. The largest, Vedolo, is 200 km (125 mi) long but only a few miles wide, and very low. The northern atolls are lush, but the southernmost grow scrubby--in a drybelt. (Source: Three-Cornered Wheel)
Vedolo Rise, 7-20 S, 72-92 E
A continental platform ranging from 2 km below sea level to 3 above; its uplands create the land of Larsum as well as smaller Sketulo, Herktaskor, Legnor, and the Vedolo Islands. On a drier world like Earth, the Vedolo Rise would be a continent the size of (and climate of) Australia. (Source: Three-Cornered Wheel)
Venture Bay, 53 N, 195 E
A gulf 1500 km wide, between northern Roland and Cape Irons on Barbro. (Source: The Queen of Air and Darkness)
Verdandi, 59 N, 22 E
Westernmost of the Three Norns, in the Shielding Islands north of Corona, in the Ythri Region. Verdandi's a low, windswept, treeless prairie 400 km across (250 mi). (Source: The Broken Sword? No, not "Oh, My Goddess!")
Vieng, 5 N, 135 E
The southeast end of the Hisagazi Islands (NE end of the Polesotechnic Strip). Vieng is a low wooded island 120 km across (75 mi), noted mainly as a key link in the flyway from continental Troisleons through Hisagazi to the Polesotechnic continents to the south: Wersgorix, Ulash, Ikrananka, and Larsum. It's 1300 km (800 mi) west from Vieng to Ulovarna, first land in the Wersgorix Cluster. (Source: The Longest Voyage)
Vodan, 32N, 303 E
A triangular island 650 km (400 mi) long, in central Oronesia; a classic shield volcano rising in mid-ocean to over 4000 m (13,100'). Mt Vodan's clad in rainforest on the east coast, thinning to a rather Mediterranean climate on the west, with a belt of "pine" on its shoulders and a crown of alpine meadows, high-altitude desert, and small glaciers. Vodan has a twin to the west, Chaou. (Source: People of the Wind)
Mt Volanzu, 38 S, 185 E
The narrow east end of Rorvan is a highland culminating in the Fuji-like cone of Mt Volanzu, 3400 meters tall (11,200'), dropping abruptly to Sinarru Sound. This end of the sound at the mountain's foot is often called Volanzu Bay. Across the sound is a twin, Mt Valakesh. (Source: Question and Answer)
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