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The Medieval Poisoners

Dreamed 2010/1/3 by Carla Young

Two women in a woman's dream can allude to two conflicting parts of herself, as in this dream, where it's a fight to the death.

THE DREAM Color sketch of a dream by Carla Young. Two medieval women, one young one middle-aged, poison one another.

Two women have a rivalry. One is young, attractive, and dark-haired. I pretend to be her friend. The other has dark blonde hair and looks about 50; she is slightly stout. I don't know her very well. I know about their plots and machinations but say nothing, letting events take their course. Both the women wear medieval costume: the younger one in dusty mauves and pinks, the older in autumnal rich ochres.

The beautiful dark-haired woman has been poisoned and dies in my arms while I watch without much reaction. The other woman has also been poisoned, and I know she too will die soon. I look at her face and see a kindly older person. It's like a small revelation. So I suggest that, if she is capable of it, she try to vomit. Once I have given her this heads-up I realize that she was the one responsible for poisoning the other woman. So how kind could she be?


I see a conflict from the past, as symbolized by the medieval costume.


  1. Color me naïve, but I'm always shocked when an inner self tries to kill a rival aspect of me--isn't it obvious that this can't really be done without killing all of me, including, of course, the killer? Apparently not all inner selves find it obvious...
  2. Carla's account neglects the third dream character. She herself is present, and acts as strangely as the two poisoners--calm, nearly indifferent in the face of murder! I think the dream is warning that she over-tolerates (or is even numb to) truly self-destructive behavior by both these feuding aspects of herself. When I've dreamt that aspects of me turn murderous, I take it as a sharp warning: time to take conscious action to limit such infighting.
--Chris Wayan

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