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The Most Fantastic Lucid Dream Of My Life

Dreamed 2007/8/24 by Ben

"Just had the longest, most extensive, lucid dream of my life"
--from my dream journal, 2:50am, August 24, 2007

A few nights ago I had the most fantastic lucid dream of my life.

This experience was far more fulfilling than any other lucid dream I'd ever had. I've never had a dream anywhere near this long, with this much control, with so many different dream characters, with so many different dreamscapes and experiences, and all of it with so much clarity of mind.

It was incredibly long. I estimated, while still dreaming, that about an hour had passed.

Before I went to bed, I mentally set the intention that I would have a lucid dream.

I became lucid after noticing my face itched strangely and felt funny; I did a reality test, and realized I was actually dreaming.

Upon waking, I was able to recall up to 13 different sequences or "dream scenes." Here are the more interesting details from the dream:


Normally, if I have a lucid dream it's the first thing I talk about upon waking up.

But this time, the experience was so great that I kept it to myself until that evening. When I talk my wife about it, who is at best only vaguely intrigued by lucid dreams, she asked me "What's the reason for lucid dreaming? What's the point of it?"

Such a simple question, but I struggled to answer it! I couldn't really express my reasons to her at the time.

Naturally, this got me to thinking about why I want to have lucid dreams and what's the point of it for me. Later this week I'll be posting my thoughts on the answer to this question.

"I have tingles now, like I took too much B6." --last entry into the dream journal before going back to bed
SOURCE:; more of Ben's lucid dreamwork can be found there. Permission requested--are you out there Ben?

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