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Dreamed around 2005/9/28 by Eric


In an earlier email, Eric commented on Adrenaline Hall, a nightmare I'd speculated was a sort of glandular workout. Edgar Cayce thought some nightmares scare you on purpose. They flood you with strong emotions, just to give your endocrine system some exercise--hormonal weightlifting! The content of dreams like that can be secondary--just a gimmick to get you upset, no more meaningful as an action flick. If he's right, at least some nocturnal sturm und drang may just be what you get for leading a bland happy life...
--Chris Wayan


I had a really weird dream a few nights ago, where I woke up dripping in sweat (and it wasn't hot).

I dreamed I was a mouse trapped and tortured in a maze/machine. I ended up getting simultaneously:

  1. dissolved in hydrogen peroxide
  2. smothered in cloth
  3. melted in a dryer, and
  4. beaten to death (the dryer had an agitator)

Why I dreamed that is open to interpretation, but I felt great the next day. I like that gland workout idea. I hadn't been running in a while, so I think my body decided to simulate it in my dreams.


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