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1994 digital portrait of seven dream-selves by Chris Wayan.

A therapist told me I have all the indicators of a multiple personality except the crucial one: memory gaps. But you have memory gaps every night! I wonder if my odd multiplicity arises from my unusually clear recall of my dreamlife--other selves you may forget! My dreams consistently warn me against trying to unify, become a single self--too much unity is stifling for me. Communication, yes. Love, maybe. But unity? Hell, no!

A sepia poster of seven dreamselves by Wayan: a geeky penis-monster, a wild wary black mare, a guitar-playing dragon, a flying witch/angel, a scowling lone wolf with an advisory fairy, and a girl who likes sex but NOT total merging...
The words, collected, read:
"O my souls... why won't you merge? Other folks do FINE on one self! Why can't YOU?"
My souls, plural, answer
"Well if we did, would we mash together into one big bloated BORE?"
The me on the lower right adds parenthetically
"No, we'll only merge this deep!"

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