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Dreamed 1996/5/27 by Chris Wayan
Small screen, slow connection? Illustrated text version

My Gate, a dream-comic by Chris Wayan, page 1: when the full moon rises I become Were-Girl.
My Gate, a dream-comic by Chris Wayan, page 2: I try to open a stuck gate by gnawing a leather cord. Click to enlarge.

My Gate, a dream-comic by Chris Wayan, page 3: an obscene dramatic reading of Emily Dickinson's poem THE SOUL SELECTS HER OWN SOCIETY, as performed by a horny ovum-angel and a nerdy sperm-devil. Click to enlarge

My Gate, a dream-comic by Chris Wayan, page 4: I unstick my gate, become a man, and greet my girlfriend.


A technique I recommend to all you nightmares out there.
My tangled heart-knot; dream sketch by Wayan.

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