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51K, 610 x 500, 1980s, by Chris Wayan

Okay, you got your heaven, and your earth, and between, you got...

Icons of heaven and earth, with each being drawn as a stick figure with a single staring eye

Which, come to think of it, is suspiciously like dreaming and waking, isn't it? With amnesia between... usually. Yet on those off-days when we don't remember them, we don't conclude that all dreams are nonexistent, a fraud, or wishful thinking, do we? Why do we conclude this about death, then, just because most of us, most of the time, don't recall any other lives?

Or (more interesting, I think) other forms of existence than life, whether it's now, past-, or after-. I mean, we know about existence, and about non-existence. One and zero. But the fractions in between...

LISTS AND LINKS: astral plane - birth - death - stylistic experiments

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