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Dreamed 1996/11/11 by Chris Wayan

Three men were after me. Experienced men, each patient as a rock, befriending me, posing as a mentor or a friend... till the moment of the attack. To my amazement I survived--and killed each of the three, bloodily.

But now in the light of three assassins, I re-evaluate old memories--and buried ones surface! Four more murderous attacks, four more assassins I killed, unexpectedly--not yet realizing they WERE professional assassins. I took them for just random thugs and thieves.

Strange: these buried memories seem no more painful than the three recent ones. Why'd I forget?

Because I just couldn't believe I survived them. Each a specialist, so different and deadly. I was sure I must have dreamed them, or they were just sociopathic burglars, or something. But they weren't. Seven professional assassins I fought to the death. Not three.

And I think seven is all there will be. My enemies must be quite an organization, but they can't afford losses like this forever.


Seven assassins: I've wondered for years what the factors are that provoke the painful gut-attacks I get. Dream suggests the reason they've been so hard to pin down is that there are many different triggers! No wonder it's hard to prevent this illness. But I may have finally eliminated them all.

2000 NOTE

In fact, I got attacks for months to come. But they WERE nearly the last--I improved sharply once I quit eating wheat. Tested by reintroducing it a couple of times--the sickness returned.

An eighth assassin. But the last.

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