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Ogie Yosha's Chanteuse

Dreamed 1991/8/8 by Wayan

Singer in a red dress. Dream sketch by Wayan. Click to enlarge.

I'm jamming with a girl. She sings a measure, I play a comment on my synth, she sings a counter-comment... fun!

But after a while, we slip, and the alternation gets too slow--somehow we fell into a pattern where she waits THREE measures before she sings again. More space for me to improvise, but I want our time to be equal--one line each. The rhythm is stronger, the music more beautiful, if we build it equally.

Come to think of it, that's what I like in love, too--in or out of bed.

This sort of back-and-forth ensemble work is like Ogie Yosha (the Japanese-American band I heard this evening). My synth sound is set like their keyboard was, too.

But Ogie Yosha didn't have a female singer... who is she?


My friend Melen calls. I tell her "I heard an interesting band last night--I even dreamed about them--well, sort of. They were called Ogie Yosha."

She says "Oh, I know THEM! Isn't their female singer beautiful? Lovely person, lovely voice. My friends Teddy & Rocco used to live with her!"

Huh? Last evening they had NO female singer... lovely or otherwise.

But later, in the dreaming night, there she was. Restored.


When I first built the World Dream Bank, I emphasized epic dreams, stories with well-resolved plots; my models were short stories published in print, in magazines, on dead trees. It's what I knew.

Now, though, I'm going through my old journals and posting more short examples of apparent dream-telepathy, prediction or clairvoyance. Because any single instance--even far stronger ones than this--can be easily dismissed as chance. But en masse? Not so easy to deny a consistent pattern.

And after a thousand such dreams, I can't dismiss ESP as chance, fraud or superstition.

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