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Otto Suggestion (to a Horse in Drag)

Dreamed 1995/8/8 by Chris Wayan

I'm at the beach. My uncle Otto rides up, on a slender, leggy, coltish horse who wears a red plastic cloak with a hood that partly veils its face. Under it, the horse has make-up on? Shocking pink lipstick. It's smeared. I'm not even sure it's a mare! A gelding or stallion in drag? Looks silly.

Who did this and why? Certainly not the horse; no hands. It looks embarrassed.

Then the horses gallop out of the sea. Glossy, strong, beautiful. Elegant women ride them, in impeccable riding form. As the horses pass, you can see they've been carefully groomed: make-up too, but so much subtler! Maybe Otto's horse would look that good, if cared for properly. His horse balks, won't go on down the beach. Just stands, staring at those beautiful mares. But Otto laughs. "Yeah, stare at them! They're REAL horses. Not like you, you wimp."

I feel a wave of anger mount. The horse didn't tie that raincoat on, or smear that ridiculous lipstick! And under the red slicker, this Otto's horse is leggy and lightly built, but not necessarily out of shape--a beautiful runner, in fact.

Just saddled with an appallingly negative Otto suggestion.


Stop telling my body I'm skinny, ugly, weak! No, I'm not the sleek groomed mare I wish I were, nor a macho muscular stallion so popular here in America. I'm a racehorse! Light elegant and beautiful. And able, quite possibly, to outrun them all.

But not with an auto-suggestive nag on my back!

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