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62K, 640 x480, 1998 Digital picture by Chris Wayan

My favorite line from the old rock musical HAIR. When the latest political outrage comes down and I watch the TV news idiots blandly accepting the terms of the powers that be, I keep feeling like a spooked wary horse rolling its eyes at some sweet-talking human with a bridle, and I find myself muttering to myself over and over "Our eyes are open, our eyes are open..." just as the Vietnam War protestors in the streets of Chicago chanted as the cops beat and gassed them: "the whole world is watching, the whole world is watching.."

I saw that as a kid and knew things had changed forever. That leaders everywhere were now on a shortened leash--if we'd just tug it now and then.

As I write this, they're still lying to us, and we're still slow to act. Sleepy, full of year-long yawns.

But waking.

My anima, Silky, in the form of a wild mare, with wary eyes.

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