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Patches Paws at Flying Fish-Toast Friends

Dreamed around 2006/7/26 by Sarah Silver

I called this a 'dream' in my own gallery online to avoid controversy, since there are still many who think of drug use, even for spiritual purposes, as bad. But the truth is, the image was actually more of a hallucination. Sorry if that's a disappointment! *chuckles*

Color drawing of a brown, patched kitten pawing at winged fish with slices of toast for heads/bodies
(Image posted with permission of the artist. Character of Patches, and the Flying Fish-Toasts, are Sarah Silver's intellectual property. Gods, I sound so very possessive. *wilt* I just like to do what I can to prevent theft and rampant reposting, as I've experienced both of those and they're no fun.)



OK, OK, I bent the rules to include this. But I originally included some of my own daydream images, and Sarah's was just so weird I couldn't resist, OK?

Gee, no one's stealing MY stuff. Envy! Well, but then, mine doesn't look this scrumptious...

--Chris Wayan

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