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1992/7/31 nondream digital picture-poem by Chris Wayan

I worked at Stanford too long. I got tired of observing the mating displays of the American Purple-Prosed Patriarch. The birds sounded better...

a bearded Stanford philosopher with groupie whose nude body may distract you from the fact she has a giant brain. After all, labels don't lie! A lame poem flaps by: 'O to be a philosopher / Osopher / Ossifer / O to be a philotsafur / Then I'd get them / babes / It's the beard, I know it / But I just can't grow it...' And the groupie whispers 'O be my philosopher... / and I'll be... / I'll be... / yer.'

That echo, "Osopher, Ossifer" isn't quite meaningless. Ossify's a word. As in, "Did old Phil ossify?" (Correct answer: yes.)

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