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Dreamed 1993/8/6 by Chris Wayan

Girl draped only in fishnet.

I'm walking by the shore of the Salton Sea. To my surprise it's crowded. Several cults have made the Sea their home, and followers have made it a busy place. Lots of women in white lace dresses with veils: their religion forbids them to wear swimsuits that reveal too much directly. Is it a sexual taboo, or the sun? Here in the fierce desert light it seems partly just practical.

But the cult can't stamp out flirting.

UNDER their modest white mesh, many of the younger cultists go nude. Cute little nipples and bottoms peek through the netting, whose mesh is deliberately loose. It's beautiful and mysterious and somehow sexier than nakedness would be, under the harsh sun.

So net-draped teens stroll the beach, Confessing and Expounding. Their cult requires them to daily Confess their sins, not to a priest (for they have none), but to a peer; and to Expound their basic creed to at least one stranger.

And they do, they do. They find good-looking boys or girls on the beach, and beg them to "help with my spiritual work": to rattle off their basic creed, which has become a sort of comic rap for them, and then... to confess their sins, which they do in loving detail, every sexual fantasy, every hot dream, every wicked act in bed alone at night...

And then their confessors must tell THEIR sins, their fantasies...

Quite a few romances start this way. It's actually acquiring the reputation of a pickup beach in the New Age crowd. I like what I see here, and hope to meet someone myself. After all, exchanging fantasies and dreams is a pretty solid way to check someone out! You learn if they have any imagination, and if your fantasies match. And if they can listen as well as talk...

If these girls poke through the net of their harsh religious code, how can I say I'm helpless?

I too can evade repression, through the Net.

Let me confess my sins...

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