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Three dreamlets from 1998/1/6 by Chris Wayan


On a parklike campus, I see a girl I slightly know and think "She's so cute!" I walk up and flirt as we talk, touching her tentatively. Hug her, stroke her back and ass through her dress. She hugs me back and squeezes against me in pleasure. Kiss and lick her, she kisses back... I start passionately kissing her throat and breasts through her blouse, as students walk by, and ravens steal sandwiches on the lawn. ..

And THEN I feel shy! My mouth dry with nervousness...

Or am I? Maybe I'm just dehydrated again! I forget to drink all the time and feel no thirst. The doctor says it's like anorexia about fluids.

Just because its dry dry dry sex doesn't mean I'm not having fun. Relax, just enjoy her.


Then I'm standing outside a City College classroom, an even busier spot, talking to a completely different classmate! But again I feel mutual electricity, start touching her freely, stroking her ass...

But this time I go further. Sliding her skirt up and start petting her pussy. She leans against the wall and goes all hot and slippery. I think she LIKES that it's public! And... the public likes us! As they file past us into class, the students pat us affectionately, enviously, like we're some good-luck charm they hope will rub off...


Again I'm across campus, walking toward a THIRD girl I know. Hey! I'm choosing who I meet--visualizing! And I could never visualize so clearly if I weren't dreaming. I'm rehearsing sexual assertion in my dreams! The realization half-wakes me. But if I'm lucid, I can choose anyone, right?

So I picture a sexy acquaintance called Blue, but then feel uneasy--she has a boyfriend! Don't practice with her--I pick up other people's dreams, what if she picks up mine? If I lucid-dream of fucking Blue, she may dream it too--I'm in a powerful state. What if she assumes it's her own spontaneous dream-urge, and questions her commitment, thinks she's unhappy with him? I have no right to pry at their relationship via shamanic practices! I should dream-rehearse only with single girls I like...

As I run through the ones I know, I lose my focus, and wake.


Awake, memories of still MORE dreams start pouring in. Five or six different sex dreams, each with a point. I'm erect and turned on, but don't masturbate. Write them all down. Feel purring and sensual all morning.

Practice (and progress) seem more satisfying than sex itself!

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