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Praise the Dancing Goons!

Dreamed 2008/10/16 by Chris Wayan

Their boss is eight feet tall. His two
enforcers are soft-shoe
experts in that ancient martial art:
tapdance fu.

Punch a man in the face, scold, dance,
kick him, question, slap tap dance
until he agrees to obey. They shove and
herd him through

the Labyrinth toward a goal he dreads.
I feel for this stoic resister, I do,
but fear to let my sympathy show.
For these two

do so love to hurt:
    Tap tap PUNCH!
    Tappety tap PUNCH!
At last I find courage, 'admiringly' blurt
"Amazing technique! Where did you
study?" Those two

thugs beam. "At Wyoming U.!
We were classmates." So dancing goons
love praise. Do bosses too? I try
my kitten cunning on the hulking guy
behind. Hide outrage, fake respect,
and yep, their boss appreciates
kudos too.

Courteous if I just enthuse.
Well, well! Just when did I learn
women's ancient martial art:
adulation fu?

Data-collect is all I do. Don't dare
ask why they beat the guy--not yet.
For getting goons to talk not hit,
is a giant leap for today;
though My Three Thugs sure indicate
I have some soulwork, way
deeper ugly soulwork...
Shadow work to do.

Two tap-dancing thugs and their huge boss beat up a man; sketch of a nightmare by Wayan.

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