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Threats and Bullies

Dreams of threats, bullying, intimidation, blackmail, hostage-taking and ransoms.

RELATED TOPICS: nightmares - theft - violence - status, dominance and pecking order - self-defense - assertiveness - nagging and topdogs -See also the full INDEX OF SUBJECTS.

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AMERICANS SHOOT ANYTHING: by Wayan; 1990/5/2, a predictive dream.
Canals and locks. American soldiers find an underground village and force everyone to evacuate to
a warship, "for safety". The villagers turn into birds so if it's a trap they can escape. Next morning...
AT LEAST HE'S A DOCTOR: by Wayan; 1982/4/7, a sharp warning dream.
I'm a Puertorriqueña who falls for an Anglo doctor, but he's not what he seems...
AYRES: by Wayan; alarming nondream discovery 2006/5/4, and subsequent revelations
The therapist my parents made me see as a kid got convicted of molesting his
child clients. But not all. I played an evasive waiting game for three awful years
under his leering scrutiny. So, can evading a molester still traumatize? Oh yes...
BAD DREAM BOOK: by Jim Shaw; late 1994?, a dream calling his dream art lame
I show a friend my book of dream-art, but it's half-baked and embarrassing.
I'm no good at smuggling guns, porn or cash through customs, either...
THE BIG CRUNCH: by Wayan; 1979/5/9, a cosmic nightmare.
I'm a girl being stalked. I get drastic--scrunch up the universe & shake it out! And is THAT enough?
BOWLING BOY BLUSHES: by Wayan; 1990/5/10, a dream of prodigy-harassment
A little bowling prodigy bothers an adult team. So one sits in his lane, daring him to bowl at her
crotch. He's resigned to kids taunting him, but what do you do when grownups gang up?
BRIGHT NICHES IN THE CASTLE WALL: by Jenny Badger Sultan; summer 2003; a series of dreams.
Dreams warning of mania and paralyzing shame alternate with calm dreams of life and growth...
CAT WITH A KNIFE: by Wayan, 2000/6/24, a nightmare of a Jungian Shadow changed by patience
A guy threatens me with a knife. I sit on him and wait patiently.
Slowly he turns into a huge black cat! I set him free in a garden...
THE CLARK RANGE, OR, THE HAND: by Wayan; 1975/12/1, a surreal lucidity-prompting dream
In the Sierra with geologists, I stick my arm down a drillhole and feel a living hand! Impossible, yet...
CLASS HAMSTER: by Wayan; 2008/11/13, an educational nightmare
I tour a middle school paralyzed by delinquents, and learn this is normal now...
THE CONDEMNATION: by Georges Perec; Feb. 1972, a dream of cults, persecution, and timeslip. Dream #105
I'm on vacation, but cultists lick my feet--then turn on me, casting stones. But they miss.
So I wander the steppe for centuries, until I come to the City of Texas...
THE CORE ISSUE: by Wayan; 1992/6/25, a dream from multiple viewpoints
The tale of a gray heart trying to heal leads to unicorn-hostage drama in the Transamerica Pyramid...
DAD SMASHES COPCAR: by Wayan, 1977/5/26, a warning dream physically enforced the next day
My dad drives recklessly, hits a copcar hard, smashing our front end. I wake
knowing it says "Kay's a batterer. Leave her or I'LL be smashed." That day...
THE DEMON TODDLER: by Wayan, 2015/5/5, a creepy dream about... bears? demons? humans?
After a nature show on bears and a horror-parody film, I dream of a man and a demon toddler
in a sick relationship. At least it sickens all of us...
DRAMA IS HELL!: by Thomas Hood; 1824?; a comic nightmare
When my first play failed, I tried to console myself by reading Paradise Lost.
But drama and devils don't mix...
DREAMKU, SEPTEMBER 2006: by Roswila; thirty dream-haiku with various dates from 1960-2006
One dream-poem in haiku style each day for a month!
Ghosts, snow, penguins, yoga babies, elves who leave their tree...
EATING SOIL SAMPLES: by Vladimir Nabokov, 1964/10/17, a possible predictive dream.
In a museum, I absent-mindedly eat crumbly bricks I think are pastry; they really are rare soil-samples...
Three days later, I see a TV show I thought was on children. Wrong; it's on soil samples--that turn into eatables...
THE ELEVATOR PROPOSAL: by Wayan, 2004/10/15, a bizarre dream baring a subtle longterm pattern
I'm in an elevator with a giant guy with a hotel cart bearing a silver platter.
On it, an erect penis. The guy tries to enlist me in his program to... what?
THE EYE by Nancy Price; 1948, a nightmare of resisting torture
A staring Eye tries to break me; his cats & robots flay me. Yet his birds rebel in sympathy, & I refuse to die...
FEMINIST GUNNERY CLASS: by Wayan, 1977/5/27, a clear warning dream I was just guilty to act on
That day, I hid from my batterer Kay. I dreamed I was the only man in a feminist gun class, learning self-defense...
FRAMED!: by Wayan; 2006/10/18, a political nightmare.
To fight the drug trade, cute little blonde cops plant packets on men in the park. And when I resist...
GO-GO GANG: by Wayan; 2013/8/26, a dream warning that abuse casts a long shadow.
The Go-Go Gang, fashionistas, sing "This town is OUR town" and kick a girl who
wore their colors--giving me flashbacks to the kids who broke MY ribs...
GOLD VERSUS DIAMONDS: by Wayan; 1972/1/20, a dream fable.
We're children seeking gold in a fairy wood. We dig where the elf-kids played, but their parents show up...
THE GOLDEN PAW: by Wayan; 2009/4/12, a dream on speaking up
An Oxford teaching assistant sexually blackmails one of his law students, but to his shock she goes public...
HARPY: by Wayan; 2000/6/2, a stylized nightmare
Day: my dad's paralyzed, and my car's stolen.
Dream: a harpy made of steel, like a living Calder statue, holds three girls hostage...
THE HEDGEHOG DISPENSARY: by Wayan; 2004/10/2, furtopian watercolor 12-page dreamcomic (or text + pics)
A rabbit shaman makes his student drape dead hedgehogs round her neck til she bleeds. How to free her?
HITCHCOCK BIRD: by Wayan, 1982/9/8, a shamanic little predictive dream
I'm trapped in a Hitchcock thriller. But one suicidal gunman turns into a songbird! Are we in "The Birds" now?
Next morning at lunch a songbird acts crazy. And then over the next year, I do change from human to...
I LET RATS: by Wayan; 1994/4/22, a nightmare on appeasement.
A bold rat comes right up to me. I don't want to provoke it, so I stay quiet. And let the rats...
"I WANT YOUR DREAMS": by Mark Varitz; 1995/11/17; a shamanic nightmare; predictive?
At an amusement park, big 3D letters appeared in the air, saying
"I WANT YOUR DREAMS". Terrified, I dived underground...
IN THE CAMP (THE NAKED POEM): by Karl Patten; 1972/10/27; a death-camp poem dictated in a dream
Fat Max eats with Heinrich the guard on Tuesdays. He talks too much. You and I are hungry. Tonight...
The poem appeared in the dream as it appears on the page--words, even punctuation...
INVADE GREECE, OR ELSE!: by Xerxes I and his uncle Artabanus; 480 BC, three linked, deceitful dreams.
Xerxes twice dreams a god orders him to attack Greece. So he asks his uncle to dream of the god to confirm...
JADE JACKPOT, or, A HEAP O' CHANGE: by Wayan; 1990/1/7, a dream of shaking down God.
I'm slipping dimes into a boulder of jade: a vending machine that fills every order wrong. Why feed it? Well...
MAFIA DENTIST: by Wayan, 2007/7/10; a predictive comic nightmare.
My dentist (a Haitian Mafia leader) sends a message to my dad (also a Mafia don) by dental cruelty....
MAGICAL GRADUATION: by Wayan, 2018/4/22, twin dreamlets on letting go and being yourself
I befriend author Andre Norton--who's an ageless high-schooler writing fanfic with amateur enthusiasm--forever...
I find my Niche--a stone nook that decides if I graduate from novice mage to journeyman! Here comes my prophecy...
MINOS, EAQUE AND RHADAMANTHE: by James Joyce, c. 1934/7/8, a short, precise, predictive nightmare
Joyce, in Paris, dreamed he was attacked by three madmen, Minos, Eaque and Rhadamanthe. Three weeks later,
a madman mailed explosive packages around Paris--signed Minos, Eaque and Rhadamanthe, the Judges of Hell...
MY ALIEN ABDUCTION: by Wayan; 1989/4/6, a dream on reserving judgment.
I'm on a forced march, captured by alien mercenaries. But they're okay--it's their human boss...
NAZIS BURN MY ART: by Rick Veitch; pre-1995; the primal art-nightmare
Nazis call my simple architectural drawing a social protest, take it at gunpoint,
and toss it in the ovens. The commander mocks me with its ashes...
THE NIGHTMARE EFFECT: by Emily Joy; 2006/12/14, an anti-nightmare.
My own fear creates a field of time/speed distortion; can I use it against my attackers?
NIGHTMARE 1944: by Ira Sadoff; before 1981, a temptation-nightmare?!
On my side of the fence, Austrian winter--gray skies, snow. On the other, warm sun, and a frighteningly beautiful
German woman. She invites me over the border, to join her--and the terrified people being dragged off in carts to...
THE OCCUPATION: by a patient of Peter O'Connor; before 1985, a therapy-guiding initial dream.
Touring an underground maze, I meet a woman I like. But her brother bristles.
Then, from a height, I see the ventilation pits of the labyrinth laid out like a map.
The Japanese invade! Hide in the jungle. Women in rags butcher centipedes & mice...
PRAISE THE DANCING GOONS: by Wayan; 2008/10/16, a dream-poem: Dreamverse 34
Three big tap-dancing kidnappers is too many to fight. So I try admiring their kidnapping technique...
PRECOG TUNNEL : by Wayan; 1984/1/1, a small psychic dreamtale.
I'm riding a train through a tunnel in Marin full of symbolism. I wake, interpret it all, and open the paper...
A RETRIBUTION OF MERMAIDS: by Bruno Oliveira; summer 2011, a treasure-finding dream
Despite corporate crooks, missiles and floods, Angelina Jolie and I find the lock of mermaid hair...
RORAIMA JUMP: by Wayan; dreamed 2016/9/18, a surreal dream of deadly outrage
I'm a Brazilian in the Olympic waterfall-jumping finals. The Russian & American cheat--threaten my family.
I snap! Fight recklessly, knocking them off their ropes. We all tumble down the cliff...
SARITA'S DREAM: by Sarita Johnson, 1980/8/17, epic dream with a surreal ending
Cops hunt my girlfriend & me all over town. Strangely, whenever I ask them to back off,
they do! Alma's resigned--lets them arrest her and put her on a raft. But she turns into a...
SHARPSHOT: by Wayan; 1977/4/3, a surreal poem of a warning nightmare
When I was being battered, I dreamed where it would end
if I didn't leave: dead wife, shot husband...
SHELDON SUES: by Wayan; 2016/6/23, a dream on meritocracy, egalitarianism & class war
I'm a kid in Italian high school. A gifted classmate, Sheldon, provokes
bullies. He sues the school to stop it. The prosecutor's reluctant...
SLAVES ON RED MARS: by Wayan; 1999/8/15, a dreamfable on will.
As Mars demands independence from Earth, Jovians enslave us all! Now freedom-fighting is personal...
SMOKING REX : 25K, 1989/3/29, a dream of alliance.
A cigar-smoking tyrannosaur moves into our neighborhood, upsetting us bluebirds and vampire bats...
SPIROGRAPHY: by Wayan; 1997/9/29, a one-page cartooned spiral autobiography
Laying my timeline in a Fibonacci spiral, it's clear great changes come in a pattern--
as soon as I've digested the last couple, a new revelation/revolution appears...
STOMPERS: by Wayan; 2013/8/24, a surreal dream of confidence
I dream I'm a runner named Silky; but straying outside the crowd can get you stomped by giant aliens...
SURRENDER DARCY!: by Wayan; 1982/6/14, a dreamtale on pride and prejudice.
I'm Doctor Who, being chased by an air-surfer who demands we give up a reserved, proud man named...
SURVIVOR'S CURIOUS: by Wayan; 2010/7/7, a dream of an inner guard relaxing
As we cross a scary ledge, my tough survival-guide, always no-nonsense before,
finally willing to consider... intellectualism, dating, ethics... fun?
A sex-fantasy dream that shifts backstage and gets real
In Charlotte they want to lynch her just for dancing. I protest. As she leaves town, she tells me...
THEATER HOSTAGE: by Christine M, 2002/10/22, an apparently clairvoyant dream
Gunmen held me hostage in a grand hall; at last they shot me. Next day: the Moscow Theater hostages...
THIRD-PARTY DEFENSE: by Wayan, 2004/9/11, a dream challenging lifelong pacifism
At a party, a stranger singles me out and keeps sniping at me. I dreamed aliens deviously attack Earth. We learn the
aggressors have driven other peoples extinct. Earth fights all-out! Not just self-defense, but for the next species...
THE THREATENERS: by Wayan; 1997/4/23, a small psychic dream.
Two gunmen break in, call me by a strange name, and demand I repay a loan I never borrowed...
TO HELL: by Katie Hofgard; 2003/4/19?, a nightmare of loyalty
I loyally served a demon who punished me until at last he sent me to hell. And STILL I didn't rebel...
THE TORTURER: by Wayan; 1997/7/13, a predictive nightmare
A free-lance torturer chooses me for his victim. He has the right. I bluster, but when I fall asleep at last...
TWO GUILLOTINES: by Vladimir Nabokov, 1973/1/9, a sustained hypnogogic delusion
Half awake, Nabokov interprets shadows as guillotines and believes he and his wife will be executed...
WHITE HORSES, FIVE TALENTS: by Regina van der Poel; 1999/10/29, a dream equinifying talents
I meet a man in a box. A mob wants to attack him. But five white horses defend him! One's
a unicorn. I know each horse is a talent, but only recall one when I wake: clairvoyance...
WITNESS: by Patagia, 2006/2/16, a poem of a redemptive nightmare
A woman I had wronged set her pit bull on me! Hand in its jaws, I gave in, and we both began crying...
WOLF BAFFLER: by Wayan; 2019/9/3, a comically surreal dream-poem
My job's to feed the wolves downtown with the heads of tuna-human hybrids; I mystify the pack
with a blend of skating, ballet and rope tricks. Wait, could this work on scary humans, too?
"YOU'RE INSANE": by Wayan; 2000/5/26, a nightmare warning I've been misjudged
DAY: My dad's sick; my mom nags me to visit, though hospitals endanger me (weak immune system).
DREAM: My parents say "You're insane. We must take control of your life." So I divorce my family...

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