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Demon Toddler

Dreamed 2015/5/5 by Wayan


Don't do much. I feel bad. Jaw sore, infected. Been like this for days, yet I won't go to the doctor...

TV. A show on huge Alaskan brown bears. Ugly. At times their faces look like giant, obese wolves, but they utterly lack wolf-beauty, wolf-grace. A rolling shamble like gorilla silverbacks; and like them, the males are oversize & dominant. More so than gorillas--way more violent. Females seem to get no choice in mates. Compared to wolf-subtlety or gorilla-dignity, bears, especially the males, just seem like thugs.

Switch to a movie. Two children in a hotel smoke, drink & swear like tiny adults. Are they precocious, possessed, or vampires who never age? They complain to room service "We found a corpse in our suite." True, but did they kill him? Oh, now they set the room on fire. Then Dad comes home with a second corpse... It's all played for laughs like the Addams Family, but somehow it isn't funny. Not at all.

Too bad I can't change channels to a better grade of planet. I do try. I go to sleep. Channel Zero.

THAT NIGHT Man with pants down dangling a demon toddler by the arm. Dream sketch by Wayan. Click to enlarge.

I'm in a cafe, talking with a friend. A man walks in dragging a girl about three years old. They pause in the doorway and talk. Her voice is adult, raspy. That's no child--that's a demon!

My friend just says "Oh, them. They're regulars. He has a pact with it." Like that's no big deal.

The man lifts the girl to waist height, raises her dress, pulls out his cock, and fucks the kid in front of us, standing up! As he comes, he pulls out and spatters her with goo. Then he walks off, dangling the sperm-dripping toddler by one arm like she's a stuffed toy; it'd dislocate the shoulder of a real kid. No big deal, huh?

My friend explains "They like to shock. It's actually a win-win relationship. The man gets every mean wish indulged, in exchange for a soul he doesn't value but the demon does. AND it revolts all of us third parties, which BOTH of them enjoy--a nice perk from their viewpoint."

I say "But... if demons are real, aren't souls too? And Hell. So the deal is bad for both--the man'll end up in Hell, and the demon gets respect and promotions for winning a soul; it'll stay on the losing side. Defeat might provoke some change."

My friend argues "God set up the whole Heaven-Hell game! He must want some souls lost. This guy chose his path. It's all part of God's plan."

I drawl "It's awwwwwl goooood, huh?" I've heard that too often to buy it. No, this isn't child abuse--they're two very adult beings playing a high-stake game. But that doesn't make it good. Not at all.


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