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Dreamku posted September 2006

Dreamed 1960s up to June 2006 by Roswila [aka: Patricia Kelly]
The Boy of Jars (Page of Cups) in The Tarot, by Neely Stewart, at Sandraven Gallery
The Boy of Jars (Page of Cups)
in The Tarot, by Neely Stewart,
at Sandraven Gallery

September 1, 2006

fresh from her grave
she dances in a new style
we all dance along

September 2, 2006

she throws out
the old tunic
favorite cover-up

September 3, 2006

her new cover-up
only the surface
is hidden

September 4, 2006

as afraid of seeing
as of being seen
naked in the dark

September 5, 2006

palm-sized snowflakes
awed mother and child

September 6, 2006

looking for cover
she feels molested
by his stare

September 7, 2006

menage a trois
he gives his two women
black lace veils

September 8, 2006

ahead of its time
the baby's yoga pose

September 9, 2006

summer's end
the storyteller takes
a stab to his heart

September 10, 2006

all the bulbs
burn out at once
she stumbles along

September 11, 2006

a path of rubble
the familiar man
teaches us a hymn

September 12, 2006

my deceased mother
steps from the freezer
sorrow wakes me

Dreamed very shortly after
my mother's death when
I was ten years old.

September 13, 2006

she graciously
retrieves what was dropped
playing a part

September 14, 2006

renaissance fair
she spins mounds of thread

September 15, 2006

she belly dances
and tosses poems off
a man at dockside

September 16, 2006

it nearly escapes
(do other women have mice?)
she seals it in

September 17, 2006

his heart reconstructs
his dead lover
twin coffins

September 18, 2006

I edit out
his eyes and mouth
evil still shines

September 19, 2006

dark wood passage
the boy takes me by the nose
and leads

September 20, 2006

the giant penguin fossil
in the cliff face

September 21, 2006

her small hand swims
in the intricate gold glove
waking to sadness

September 22, 2006

she beams her will
to mend the broken mirror
dream magic

September 23, 2006

I write out a list
of reasons why she can't stay
deceased friend

September 24, 2006

she's handicapped
they weave her into their
bright tapestry

September 25, 2006

the blue tattoos
on their young faces:
clarity and truth

September 26, 2006

the point of it all:
The Fool at the top
of the paintree

This can clearly be seen as the
Tree of Life in the Qabala, as
The Fool's path connects to the
top of the tree.

September 27, 2006

tiny elves shelter
in the hollowed out birch tree
massive storm

September 28, 2006

cold breeze
she laughs at his ineptness
and broken English

September 29, 2006

the dog alerts them
one by one scruffy elves leave
the hollow log

September 30, 2006

twin toddler boys
one is cowed, one rebels,
a ghostly third

Resource: the Haiku Resource Page, at I don't necessarily agree with everything here, but it is a great place to start exploring the haiku universe.

'til next time, keep dreaming,


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