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Americans Shoot Anything

Dreamed 1990/5/2 by Wayan

Panamanians turn into tropical birds to escape American soldiers. Dream sketch by Wayan. Click to enlarge.

We're sliding upstream somehow, up a stream that flows in low falls around buildings, thru channels & tunnels. We seek an elusive adversary with stolen treasure.

Now the tunnels dry out. Or do they? It's the same complex, just a shift in how I see it, from water to land. Now it's energy flowing not water...

We find a whole village underground! The people look Asian or Native American. Hidden from the wars above (the Americans are here "helping" again, sigh!)

Finally American soldiers come and order the villagers out to ships "where you'll be safe."

The villagers, uneasy about this latest helping of American help--at gunpoint--head for the ships as ordered... but they turn into a flock of birds and fly there, so they can escape if it's a trap.

I worry about them, want to be sure they're safe, so I become a bird too. Fly up and trail the flock. We all land in the rigging of ships--19th Century sailing ships, perhaps with small steam engines for emergencies--but definitely in the 1800s! They look like Admiral Perry's ships visiting Japan.

Will they shoot us? They KNOW we're people in bird form, but I still don't feel safe. Americans will, after all, shoot anyone and anything.


The morning paper (San Francisco Chronicle) reports that American soldiers shot up a Panamanian neighborhood, then declared it "unsafe", and forced the residents out of their homes, forcing them to camp inside a hangar/prison. Ever-helpful Americans!

Note how the first scene of the dream is predictive too. The current somehow lifts us upstream, amid buildings and channels... the Panama Canal and its locks! Downflowing water really CAN lift you upstream--under special circumstances.

The Americans in 1858 at the time of Admiral Perry were imperialist, but did trigger a social revolution that (eventually) modernized Japan. In 1912 they used gunboat diplomacy to pry Panama off from Colombia, but they built a canal that worked engineering magic and raised the world's standard of living--'a rising tide lifts all boats.' Now, under Reagan and Bush, they've mastered the opposite of the Canal's locks--how to "help" people into prison. Or death.

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