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Dreamed 1989/4/6 by Chris Wayan

In the future, a rich man who wants to rule the whole world hires alien mercenaries to try a coup. War!

I'm captured, along with thousands of others. But the coup still fails in the end, and Mr. Money pulls out. So we're being herded by alien guards, across a desert, toward his starship--serving as a human shield around him. He's in a hovercar that's towing an A-bomb so the Earth forces will hold their fire. We'd die with him, and he does seems willing to retreat and let us go if HE can... so they wait, and let us march.

His car breaks down. We sit for two hours, as the sun sets and the desert stars come out. The guards gossip, and the rumor spreads that the hover broke down because an alien mechanic tried something idiosyncratic with the motor. They're like that: always trying something different, and usually ineffective, because they want to be unique.

As we wait, the aliens start talking of their relationships with Earth people. Nearly ALL of them have had human lovers! As they talk, each one describes his or her lover purely as an individual--sees their relationship as unique, our of context, where a bunch of humans would try to generalize about aliens. Their individualism isn't just ego!

Still, I'm struck by their strong sense of loyalty and affection. We can get along with these people! Their human boss wants to rule the world, but they... they want to enjoy it.

I hope these alien invaders stay. And the rich guy? Bye-bye! In fact, I hope they all leave--all the rich. Power-hungry. No, wait--that's my humanity talking. Generalizing again! Some of them may all right. Give them room to show you that... like the aliens do.

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