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To Hell

Dreamed 2003/4/19? by Wolf Nymph (Katie Hofgard)

I'm a female creature with a tailless humanoid build but fur and a canine face and clawed paws. I'm dying--a spear was driven down through my breast and out my back as I knelt. As I arched my back in pain it went back into me, through my pelvis too, and out like a bloody steel tail.


I was a kind of brainwashed minion for this powerful demon guy. I didn't want to be loyal to him, but I was--to the end.

I failed him, four times. Each time he punished me painfully with some sort of impalement. The fourth time was the last. He drew an iron spear from behind his back as I knelt before him. Into my chest he drove the spear and out my back. The pain was so great I arched my back involuntarily, and it went through again, into the back of my pelvis and spine. I remember the feeling of it being lodged in my bone, tightly, cracking it inside me. The spear took motion itself and drove me into the ground.

It took me down to Hell.

I don't remember Hell, but I remember that's where I went.

But I do remember this: as I sunk down, I thought to myself "And I'm still loyal to the one who sent me here..."

But then, he'd made me loyal.


This image is terrible, but I needed to remember the nightmare this way.



More proof that pinching yourself in a dream won't prove a thing--you most certainly CAN feel pain in dreams. It's rare, and usually not too severe--I've usually just woken up if it gets too bad. But this one's exceptional--in every way. It's as if this dream character had such power over her will that Katie couldn't even wake to escape torture. Loyalty or spell? What's going on here?

--Chris Wayan

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