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The Go-Go Gang

Dreamed 2013/8/26 by Chris Wayan


I just saw Woody Allen's new film BLUE JASMINE. Some reviewers caught its false view of class, but they missed the equally false view of San Francisco culture & politics. Maybe it takes a local like me to see it:

Woody Allen treats the City as a flat scenic backdrop for characters with no goals but love and money. No art, no politics, no spirituality. Where are their dreams? The City's a refugee camp for queers fleeing that two-dimensional America--not only sexual queerdom but economic, artistic, political and spiritual queerdom too. But Woody's characters seem mainstream in the two dimensions they care about and blind to the others. They talk like Brooklyn but act like Lubbock. Except Jasmine--and her pill-popping alcoholism might get overlooked in Lubbock but not in San Francisco. She'd get called on it.

After the film, I get on with my own dreams. Literally. I'm sewing giant sculptures of my dreams. A life-size leopard-dappled catgirl, and a Five-Hearted Unicorn with a mirror and a rose on her brow, instead of the usual horn...

Fiveheart, a zebra-striped unicorn with rose and mirror on her brow; soft sculpture of a dream by Chris Wayan. Click to enlarge. Ailura, a leopard-dappled catgirl 5' tall: soft sculpture of a dream by Chris Wayan. Click to enlarge.


A film festival shows an action movie from 1925--groundbreaking for its era. Or was it? The date's flashed fast in Latin numerals and looks wrong. Maybe it's a mock/retro film. Soon, no maybe. It is fake. The second or third scene's in color!

The camera ogles three modern highschool girls, two in short red skirts, one in tight red shorts, as they march in step--the squad that owns their school. Lots of thigh and crotch as they demonstrate martial arts kicks. On a new girl. Thugs!

Three girls in red kick a fourth girl on the ground; sketch of a dream by Chris Wayan.
And as the bullies kick her her bloody, they sing--"Our Town" by the Go-Gos.

"This town is OUR town!
This town is so glamorous--
Bet you'd live here if you could,
And be one of us..."

All I can think is: "No, I wouldn't. San Franciscans like me LEFT stupid little towns full of stupid little bullies like you. Oh, you're sexy, but I'd only fuck you if you were bound and gagged, just to see how YOU like being helpless."

I feel guilty at the thought, but not very. Mean girls, the Go-Go Gang. Furred thighs, crotch and belly of a centaur girl; soft sculpture of a dream by Chris Wayan.


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