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Dreamed 1999/9/17 by Chris Wayan

Friends of mine are rehearsing a play. Two newcomers are running through the big love scene now: an actress who I sense is a bit insecure and hungry for approval, and an alien drama student, a vaguely wolfish creature, energetic, smart, sensitive, but earthier than a human--powerful instincts.

Purely aside from the interracial casting, the scene is considered shocking--even with two human actors, it always offends much of the audience. No telling what'll happen when these two get down to it.

I'm full of admiration: though they're playing with cordite, they block out the scene matter-of-factly, having fun with it, and even starting to flirt for real, despite their different instincts, disturbing material... and their expectation the audience will riot.


I'm the creature--full of life, but my instincts aren't very human. Some will like me, some won't. Both Silky my anima (the girl who craves approval) and the alien wolf (wanting to follow my instincts no matter what others think) LIKE working together now, and don't give a damn for others' opinions!

ACTION: Oh, just build your website and quit trying to pass as normal!

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