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Retarded Stars

Dreamed 2009/2/28 by Wayan; Dreamverse #42
I was on Market Street, riding in a car,
when out of the subway stairwell boiled
a horde of dwarves deformed. They spilled
into the crosswalk. Suits all paused, appalled.
Bodies flopped astray, faces fish-gaped, vague,
retarded. Nurses darted, shaping a column,
shepherding their charges, sheepdog-solemn.

Now one obese dwarf, tantrum red,
a neckless monster Tweedledum,
LEAPS offcurb. As he slams down,
the mirrorcrags quake! I cringe, for I'm
Frisco born. The pavement here is just
a flimsy crust, over lairs of Muni, BART
and San Andreas (of all subways the subbest)
or Tweedledum weighs tons! Gristle, bones
dense beyond lead, past osmium--he must be
half-collapsed atoms, like the core
of a brown dwarf, an almost-star,
or a white dwarf, a nova's cinderheart.

These cross walkers are stars! Red
retarded stars, their minds and fires
ember-dull, eon-slow. But stars.

And then I'm jabbed awake by a man
sitting on my bed. I reach for pen--
he pokes me 'playfully' again. I snarl
"I'm writing star-dreams. Go away!"
But he pinches and distracts--
until, enraged, I jab him back,
claw his nose. Too late now. Lost.
I know there was a sexy bit
with a girl I wanted to date--
But only that hefty dwarf is left.
Hey burglar, thanks a lot!

I wake again. Now SIX invaders all
on my bed naïvely sprawl
critiquing a letter my teaser wrote.
He wants a job but he starts his note
"To Whom It May Concern", or
"Dear Sir or Madam." We all demur:
"No, everyone wants a sender who
salutes and addresses truly you--
who knows who you really are."

And I wake again, with just a critique
and a retarded star.

Digital sketch of a dream by Chris Wayan. A fat red-brown dwarf angrily stomping on Market Street in San Francisco. Towers visibly shake.


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