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Dreamed 1981/2/2 by Chris Wayan

I was a member of a dance group of animal-people, warm and loving. I felt so good, touching them and being touched. Held and hugged. And for me this wasn't easy: when you grow up feral, it's hard work to belong.

In the morning I feel sad that this vague Disney memory is all that's left. Like a teddy bear, mocking the reality of the true bear, an animal we once worshiped...

I decide to console myself by splurging for once. So I go out to The Terrace, a fancy restaurant here in town, with a terrace garden where famous stars can often be spotted doing lunch.

It's true, too! Four stars at the next table (no, I couldn't name them, but you could tell) talk of their current appearances when they're not in human form: huge glowing balls of gas.

An old star starts reminiscing--"In the old days we had so many forms to choose from! Humans were so ignorant then--more belief systems than fleas! A smorgasbord of notions about us... And now they're so... so damn accurate."

Stars sit at a cafe table. Not film stars. Stars. Dream sketch by Wayan. Click to enlarge.
Suddenly tears are trickling down my face and I don't know quite why, and I burst out "I'm sorry! We humans never intended to have such an effect. We didn't know we were pinning you down! We didn't know, we didn't know...!"

"It's okay, kid" says the old star. "We know that."

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