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Dreamed October 5, 1823 by Robert Southey

...I thought that I found myself naked, and laid at length in the niche of a catacomb, among the dust of the dead, which resembled damp snuff, or moistened bark, in colour and consistency.

What was worse, I was clasped in the arms of a living skeleton, which endeavoured to break in my ribs by its grasp. Grief is as intense in dreams as in reality, but we can bear horrors in sleep which would certainly deprive us of our waking senses, if not of life. I struggled with the body of this Death, and at the same time called for help.

The sexton heard my cries, for I heard him approaching to ascertain the cause. This made the skeleton renew his efforts to crush my bones, while I worked upon his with the same intent.

My attempts to cry aloud disturbed Edith, and she awoke me from this singularly frightful dream, which left me with a sensation in both sides, as if they had been bruised.

--Robert Southey--


--Chris Wayan--

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