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The Meaning of Rings and Turquoise

Dreamed 1998/11/1 by Chris Wayan

I'm in Golden Gate Park with married friends. They quarrel, then kiss and make up--over and over. They define their limits by trespassing--and it looks like fighting turns them on, too. Girl in park with clit rings and turquoise insets. Dream sketch by Wayan. Click to enlarge.

I'm single. It's frustrating, watching them fight and flirt.

Wistfully watch a teenage girl instead. At first she dances around on the lawn, but finally she sprawls and rests under a nearby tree, and talks with a friend.

I pretend to listen to my friends, but keep sneaking guilty looks at her. She's way underage, 14 at most, maybe younger, wearing a big T-shirt. Long bare caramel legs. So cute. She's half sitting, half reclining on her back, knees up, idly bonking together. I'm ashamed but excited to see so far up her dress/shirt, especially when she spreads her knees. Then... a flash of metal! A ring! She's naked under the tee. It's a silver clit ring! No, two. There's an irregular patch of blue, too: a chunk of turquoise over her clitoral hood! A third ring thru the lower end of her outer labia, and a smaller, round polished piece of turquoise.

I feel so turned on--not by the jewelry per se but by the statement it makes. She wants to be seen! She isn't a child who'd be shocked by my interest, but a precocious, whimsical, no, bizarre, only-in-San Francisco teen, a sexually confident girl who LIKES attention--and shocking adults.

Who just might like a dream artist like me.


I walked in Golden Gate Park today, but don't recall anyone like this! But recently, on Halloween, in the huge Spiral Dance held by all the witches in San Francisco, I was near the head of our strand. Near me danced a cute, barefoot teen with a navel ring and a turquoise skirt; after the dance, she showed a friend how to somersault.

I think the dream is suggesting that at least one of the girls I DID pass today in the Arboretum, or in the Spiral Dance, might have liked me if I'd tried to talk. Smiles met me everywhere, but I was too shy to follow up...

If I act like the turquoise girl, if I bare MY secrets, my weird inner world... maybe I'll attract others? Jeez, how timid I am. Here I am in a city FULL of noncomformist refugees. Why assume the real me would shock anyone?

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