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Salescurve Mountains
1995, by Chris Wayan; a digital poster really too big for the Net

The unemployed angel with her resumé is the Goddess of Freedom. The Tiananmen massacre was on my mind, though the painting as a whole is about Tweedledee, not Tweedledum--oh, excuse me--Capitalism, not Communism. For these days, we too need a goddess with a torch to lead us to freedom--past the fangs of the Salescurve Mountains.

Picture-poem by Wayan: Tiananmen's Goddess of Freedom in flight. Words: 'Guide us, O patient unemployed American Angel, past the Salescurve Mountains, through their telemaze; O see ye not yon narrow road so thick beset wi' thorns an' briars? That is the path of righteousness, tho' after it but few inquires (remembering, O doubting Tom: ALL ARTISTS ARE LIARS.) Trust me! I'm not... Wayan'

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