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Dreamed 1982/10/20, drawn 1990 by Chris Wayan

I was poor, sick and working part time at the Stanford Library. I wrote my dreams every morning no matter what--even if that made me late for work. My bosses and co-workers saw me as a space case and a slob (I had no good clothes). But after seeing John Belushi as "Samurai Optometrist" on Saturday Night Live, I dreamed I was... Samurai Librarian.

Stalk through glass doors
In the robe and sword.
At the clicking portal,
Show the feudal card.
Colleagues hiss and gossip
"What a slob he is!
Wearing a bathrobe to work--
Can't he even DRESS?"
Dreamwork does take samurai discipline.
Dreams inevitably lead you on paths in conflict
with undreamers' values. That's their job. And
your discipline--the Samurai robe--looks to the
undreamers like superstition and laziness--
the bathrobe of a slob. Late for work because
you had to write a DREAM? Doing what
your DREAMS say? You mistake dreams for
REALITY! And so on. And so on!

That Samurai returned in other dreams--
as my guardian angel.

Samurai Librarian, ink sketch of dream by Wayan

face of the Samurai Librarian

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