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1992, pencil/digital/acrylic portraits from recurring dreams by Chris Wayan.
a sexy dinosaur person I run into in dreams. Click to enlarge.
I've been having recurring dreams of this crested dinosaurian person, seven or eight feet tall, who's proud, strange, beautiful, and... kind of sexy. I'm not even sure of its gender. I wondered at first if that was true of all saurians, if humans just couldn't tell... like we can't with ravens.

But s/he has a couple of friends, two sisters who are quite easy to read as femme, despite their frills and spines.

A saurian girl I met in a  dream. Click to enlarge. A Saurian American Princess type I met in a dream.
The older sister, on the right, was a bit of a SAP (Saurian American Princess),

Little sister of a saurian princess type I met in dreams.

but her little sister was sweet.

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