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Nondream sculptures, one plaster-cement, 14" by 4" by 6", the other glazed ceramic, 12" 4" 9". Both 1999, by Chris Wayan

These sculptures are meant to double as plant-pots you hang on the wall. They're called sconces, same as wall-mounted lamps. This example has a small, rather ratty recent transplant--that's so the fern wouldn't hide the shape. I like ferns, but normal pots take up so much room--with a bunch of these, you can have a whole wall of hanging greenery--nice in a stairwell, for example. I didn't invent this--sconces are centuries old. But they're rare in America, and the few I've seen were expensive, heavy, and hideous. Can't someone market a light, tough plastic sconce?

Photo of a red plant-sconce shaped like a stylized flame.
Here's one meant to hold three small plants...
Three-holed sconce shaped like a shark tooth, with three spiderplants; glazed, for no reason, with musical notes. Click to enlarge.
Oh, the music-note motif is just because I was writing a lot of music at the time.

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