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See-Through Bags

Dreamed 1968 by Marilyn Stablein
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Nepalese print of a levitating tiger.

There's no plastic in Tibet. I trade long rolls of plastic sandwich bags for frankincense and myrrh. I demonstrate a bag for every use: to store chilies, aspirin, twigs, and stones.

Suddenly everyone demands one.

I do not have enough to go around.

Three lamas explain they could keep rainwater, powedered gold and spirit cookies in see-through bags.

I wire home: "Need more bags!"

A shipment is airlifted from Delhi but comes apart in the air. Thousands of plastic sandwich bags parachute to earth. The people go crazy catching them with butterfly nets.

SOURCE: More Night Travels to Tibet by Marilyn Stablein, 2011, Shivastan Publishing (, "... a series of prose-poems based on actual dreams first recorded in 1968 when living and studying in the Himalayas for six years."

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