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Silky at the Gate

Dreamed 2016/2/26 by Wayan

Silky, my cat-taur girlfriend, pauses at a gate to raise her tail, flirting at me. Dream sketch by Wayan. Click to enlarge.

I'm in the sunny but small back yard of a dumpy wooden house, on its east side, backing on a rocky dry-grass hill and more fences and yards. The dry look means it must be the east side of San Francisco.

I'm talking to a friend who lives here--a tall thin white guy. My girlfriend Silky is just leaving through the side gate. I try to keep up my end of the conversation, but get sohhhh distracted watching HER end--sways so sexily. Silky flips up her tail flirtatiously, flashing me--she is, as always when she's in cat-taur form, clad only in her own fur.

She heads out... I sigh and return to the conversation.

And yet I know she's still just a plush sculpture, though with bones & joints now. But this is new--lately she's been moving on her own, acting on her own.

But is she a self-aware AI, or just programmed clockwork? Or... intermittent? Even humans just have flashes of initiative, autonomy, self-awareness... admit it, most of the time you too just go with the flow!

She's already sexier than most human girls. Sigh! Patience. Still evolving. Like me.


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