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Dreamed 1981/5/25 by Chris Wayan

We're on the planet Dosadi. A blonde girl, who I know vaguely, leans against the bathroom sink, washing her cunt. She's an independent hooker, a legal and fairly respectable profession here. She plays with herself, with the hot water--the sink has a hose attachment. Grins at me, passively watching her--is this a sex film? Then I realize... that's no sink! That's her customer! An alien who looks like a sink.

She strokes the faucets and fucks the hose as it pumps hot water. A snaky tongue flickers from the hose-end and the sink opens reptilian eyes. The sink smiles. Another happy customer!

No wonder my friend's in this line of work. She really pleases them. I mean, I wouldn't know what to do with a sink.

After a while, the alien seems sexually satisfied. Other appetites shift into the foreground; he's hungry now. Sees his own body, and bites off a length of its own penis-hose-nose, and EATS it! Munch munch... He seems to feel no pain.

Now I find myself alone with this alien on a lawn somewhere. He's hungry again. And me a vegetarian! Even ordinary sausage spooks me... "Cut it" I think, but I balk a long time, feeling squeamish. It just seems wrong. But I argue with my own queasy stomach: "The creature's own custom should be right for him!"

At last I chop off a piece... and feed him to himself.

The sink blinks, and looks content.


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