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Solnit's Dog Fixation

Dreamed 2017/4/2 by Wayan
with condolences to Rebecca Solnit,
whose work I generally admire


I reread one of my favorite books--Jo Walton's Tooth and Claw, a pseudo-Victorian novel about Social Darwinism, full of inheritances, parsons, class snobbery, lawsuits, marriage proposals and deathbed confessions... by dragons. Since, as Walton's introduction points out, the Victorian depiction of femininity certainly isn't human.

THAT NIGHT Good-natured dog trained to abuse his owner's kidnap-victims. Dream sketch by Wayan. Click to enlarge.

I meet a woman I knew long ago, in the 1970s. Is this my ex-girlfriend Kay? No, but she has Kay's intelligent but acerbic aura. What's her name? A writer in the feminist movement... a harsh separatist. Not... Valerie Solanis?! When I nearly call her that, I stop myself just in time, realizing Solanis is dead and I never met her. Can't be her. Can it?

She tells me what made her a radical. As a teen she was kidnapped and raped. Forced to have sex with the guy's dog, even.

Then it gets weird (yes, only then.) Telling her tale, she gets distracted by that dog. She explains "he was a nice Lab or golden retriever, just praised and rewarded for fucking anyone his master told him to. Can't condemn the dog, or males in general, or dicks. It's men I hate, and only men. But about that dog..."

And she goes on about the dog forever.

She really liked that dog!


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