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The Spell Blurs Women

Dreamed 2013/5/5 by Wayan

Orbiting eye. Dark woods, mist. Bavarian crags.
We zoom in on
Two sisters. Their brother marries. Newlyweds
and sisters move
into Castle Lorelei. I guest. A creepy keep;

Arches drunken lean. Giant--übermenschlich--but so
stark. For no
wallspace free for tapestry. Mail, axes. Angles sharp
as Gothic O.
My view of all three women's tilted too, as obtuse
as walls askew:

Three blur to One! Names, faces gone--if I'm near.
A close-up curse.
One room away, I know the quirks of all, as clear
as him, but then...
Back in the banquet hall, see just one Jungian blur:
Woman. It's sure

One girl bears some charm. Valkyrie arm? At least
not Sauron's Ring;
for three robed Woman, visible, stand. Is it the old
Rhine gold?
Maidens blur, though still a man's a man. That old
Teutonic harm.

A spell blurs three women into one. Is it the Rheingold? Dream sketch by Wayan. Click to enlarge.


A spell blurs three women into one. Dream sketch by Wayan.

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