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The Sweet Wall

Dreamed 2011/5/8 by Wayan


I was named the executor of my mom's estate, and it's turned out to be a mess. I spent today tallying estate expenses, and trying to sort ours into the classifications on the tax forms. Arrggghhh.

In the evening, watch Megamind. Not wildly original, but funny. At least it's more fun than doing taxes. How's that for a weak movie review? A little satyr creates a wall of candy for a human girl he likes. Dream sketch by Wayan. Click to enlarge.


A big-eyed, big-headed anime girl who looks just 6-7 years old--hard to tell, she's so cutesy-chibi-cartoony (my sketch doesn't catch the look--I can't do that anime megaeyeball thing) is playing on a red swing in her rather jungly back yard.

A shy faun or satyr about her age watches from the bushes. He's in love with her but too timid to come out--figures he'll have no luck, with his stutter, blushes, hooves and horns. The only time he tried telling her how he felt, he bleated. Though she didn't laugh at him, he felt so embarrassed he ran, and he's hidden ever since.

So instead, he's created a magical surprise gift.

A clear glassy wall swings down toward her from behind her...

It HITS her... and shatters! Is she cut? No, it broke into a million pebbles, not sharp shards. Safety glass? Plastic? She kneels to look. Clear, shiny, marble-sized pebbles. She picks one up and... tastes it?

Her face lights up. "Sweet!"

An entire wall of magical candy? Maybe he DOES know what she likes.


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