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Dreamed 1981/6/19, painted almost exactly 20 years later, by Chris Wayan

I'm giving my friend Jade a Tarot reading with the deck I drew, the cards drawn from dreams. She keeps her question secret. The significator or card representing Jade herself is one I've never seen in the waking world. The Queen of Wands is walking toward us, holding a flute; dark clouds of dusk above her; behind, a castle silhouetted on a band of sunset light over jagged mountains...

I knew I was supposed to paint it, but put it off, and put it off... until now, when I found the dream, twenty years old, a fossil buried under more recent strata, so to speak. This is a hasty version, but at least a start.

At the time I really was drawing a Tarot deck full of dream images, which STILL isn't finished. Wonderful art training though...

And this website may force me to finish it yet.

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