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Ten Chambers

Dreamed January 2000 by Ben Bamber
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How free is free will? Those that believe in God believe in a contradiction when it comes to free will. They believe that God both has a preordained plan for their lives and yet also gifts to them the freedom to make their own choices and mistakes. But as a Christian I cannot reconcile this contradiction, so I tend to challenge it. If God has a plan, and He is all powerful, then everything that happens is ordained by God, good and bad. In fact in some versions of the King James edition of the Bible God says, 'I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these [things]' Isaiah 45:7. This implies that none of us have free will, and that we are merely dust blown around by the wind. In other words we are under the spell of a powerful delusion, which makes us believe that we are in control of our own destinies, when in actual fact we are controlled by the movements of the forces around and within us.

...If all of us are captives of universal forces, such as at the atomic and subatomic levels, as well by the actions of others; the weather, the forces of gravity and atmospheric pressure, then how does this system work in its totality? If we can find out, then we should be able to predict and influence what happens to us.

This is when one of a number of inspirational... dreams occurred....


In this dream there were ten chambers. Each chamber was huge. They were miles wide and tens of miles deep. Each chamber was curved at the top leading to a peak.

In each chamber there were thousands upon thousands of people piled up on top of each other. They were alive and completely unaware that they were in the chambers. They were walking, sitting, driving, playing and every kind of activity you could think of.

I was flying around the chambers in the gap between the top of the piles of people and the ceiling. In each chamber except the top one, the piles of people were even at the top. But in the highest and biggest chamber the pile of people had a peak, like a mountain peak.


The colours in the dream were incredible. It was a lucid dream. To me it has many meanings and intellectual challenges. It says that we are all engaged in our lives in a semi-state of blindness. We are unaware of our connection to each other and of the system that contains us. It shows that as we are pinned to the earth by the gentle power of gravity and our consciousness is shaped and contained by the specific environment which gave birth to us, we are acutely unaware of our own origins. Where does intelligent life come from? Why does it exist, how does it exist? These fundamental questions are at present unanswered. And that bothered me at the time and bothers me now. That we are still unable to identify our origins and reason to be.

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