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Dreamed 2011/6/21 by Wayan

Sketch of a dream by Chris Wayan, 'Triskelion': I'm sprawled naked on a bathroom floor, humping a rug, as two girls seen through a big arched window walk toward me. Click to enlarge.


I wake up to find...

I've been napping on my side on a pad on the floor of a tiny bathroom in my family's old Eichler home.

Only... while I slept, my parents remodeled! And not wisely. Now it's the least private bathroom in the world. A huge floor-to-roof arched window looks east into the side yard.

It's changed too. It seems to be a campus plaza now! Students sit on the edges of cement planterboxes, eating lunch.

Two girls get up, see me and start to walk over, curious. They're both hot--a freckled snubnosed frizzy redhead and a wide-eyed willowy Asian-American girl.

Instantly I feel turned on--no, more. Insanely horny. I start rocking my hips uncontrollably, rubbing my erection against the soft pad.

But they can see! I'm embarrassed (and bare assed) but I just can't stop.

At least there's a wall of glass between us.

Too bad there's a wall of glass between us.

Damn. There's a wall of glass between us!


Then I wake up to find... Sketch of a dream by Chris Wayan, 'Triskelion': a guy and three girls (two may be twins) under a coverlet with a three-armed spiral design.

I'm not alone on this floor-pad! THREE girls are snuggled up with me, naked--two pale blondes, twentyish, maybe sisters; and one tiny brunette, under five feet tall. Is she underage? Afraid to ask.

They all seem as excited as I am.

Our excitement may be dangerous. They're not human, but Fables, living characters from our folktales, and as such, full of magic... magic prone to bursting out uncontrollably when they get all hot. And we all are. We have no choice: it's this place!

You see, our coverlet has a triskelion design woven into it--a three-armed spiral. This triskelion shape maps a three-armed energy spiral spreading from the centerpoint. The golden-green is normal space, where your sexual desire's your own. But in the purple zone, spacetime itself makes you so indiscriminately horny you make reckless choices! (Or is it horniness? Maybe it's romanticism. But I dare not stick my head (or anything else) into that purple space to find out from inside...)

It's even worse for Fables, since they have such magical power--in a sex-fever they could cause havoc. If any of us shifts just an inch or two, from Love to Lust (or is it Lust to Romanticism?)

I'm strangely comfortable with these Fables, despite the danger. I worry more that the leaders of the Fables, Snow White and Big Bad Wolf, will show up and treat me as a simple human to be silenced before I spill the secret of their existence to mundane humanity.

But I can't be merely human; the romance-buzz of the coverlet turns me on, but I can still think and act on my own--and it's meant to be overwhelming, even without actually touching the purple. Partial immunity! What kind of creature am I, then? An archetypal storymaker, a Literal as the Fables call them? Or some mongrel spirit, part created and part creator?
Sketch of a dream by Chris Wayan, 'Triskelion': a bony guy and a girl with short red hair sit talking in bed, their legs under a coverlet with a three-armed spiral design.


Then I wake up to find...

My dream was half-right. I really am in bed--well, a sleeping pad on the floor, with a triskelion coverlet. And I'm still lying next to a Fable girl. But not three now, just one: Rose Red, the less-famous (and insecure) sister of Snow White.

I recall Boy Blue's last words to her: "You're a drama junkie, Red. You're broken and I can't fix you." But it looks like I'm about to try--using the triskelion. If she deliberately shuttles enough times between horny imbecility (or over-romanticizing) and sober clarity, will she catch on to her drama addiction?

Dangerous--I'm indulging my own default game, my drama: playing rescuer! But then, sometimes rescuers can rescue--with the right tools. I've never had access to such powerful magic before.

It's risky. A drama queen with Fable powers could do so much damage! But leading her through the Triskelion field may be worth it. I might just end up with a smart, gorgeous, sane girlfriend.

I explain the Triskelion's power to Rose. She reaches out--here we go...

And for the three-and-a-halfth time I wake.






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