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1990/11/2, digital sketch of Samhain scene as seen by my third eye, by Chris Wayan

Though I think of myself as a shaman, if you call me a witch I won't say no. I used to drop in on major coven ceremonies, but I'm just not a ritual-loving soul. When "things fall apart and the center cannot hold and mere anarchy is loosed upon the world", I tend to giggle. I mean when you measure the "blood-dimmed tide", most of the victims got offed by folks with strong notions of order, nein? Sorry Mr Yeats, it wasn't us anarchists. Anyway, I liked rituals best when drunks blundered in or shapeless pointless spirits like this one showed up, making no sense...

An unexpected spook disrupts our coven's Samhain rite.
At least no orderly sense.

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