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1995 digital picture of a nondream delusion by Chris Wayan

When I was a kid I stumbled on a famous quote: "I believe, O lord/ Help thou mine unbelief." Naive little me, I took this as a prayer to keep the believer a bit skeptical, hence free, the way God meant humans to be... decision-making beasties with souls, right?

Not! Later authors explained that quote. You pray to get more faith--that is, less skepticism. You pray to kill the atheist inside--not nourish her.

The pogrom starts within, eh?

The cloud of unknowing contains quotes from the Bible... and Orwell.
"Ignorance is strength" is of course from Orwell's "1984." I always liked that one--he meant it to horrify, but it's the only one of his dystopia's slogans that's true.

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