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Venom Puddle

Dreamed 2006/5/10? by Wolf Nymph (Katie Hofgard)

(This page still under construction)


[Text of dream will go HERE, if/when Katie finds it.]

On concrete pavement, by a concrete wall, a howling black wolf dissolves into splashes and puddles of oily black goo. He sinks into the solid walk as if it's quicksand.
NOTES Aaanyway....


Huh! When I saw this nightmare image, I swear my first thought was "another petroleum addict". Oil as a drug. As poison. As venom...

Jeez, I gotta get out more, or I'll turn into a complete policy wonk.

--Chris Wayan

LISTS AND LINKS: dream wolves - dream monsters - Three more critters emerge from solid floors: The Loch Ness Dance, Orca Tows and Rainbow Sleeper - movies - shapeshifters - more Katie Hofgard - what other topics? Depends on the details of the dream, when/if Katie finds it. I TOLD you this one was under construction...

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